Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia

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from Mainland China
(Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guilin, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Shanxi, Harbin)
Hong Kong – Taiwan – Singapore – Malaysia
This anthology features 48 artists from within the Chinese area of influence. It is designed
as a journey through what is currently happening underground, under extremely diverse forms.
It also looks at the recent past and the key role of pioneers like Wang Fan, Dajuin Yao,
and also Hong Kong-based Li Chin Sung aka Dickson Dee who, for almost two decades, has been
spreading the word about Experimental music in Mainland China. This album was curated by
Dickson Dee on Guy Marc Hinant’s invitation. It includes an enlightening presentation on the
short yet intense advent and history of the Chinese noise explosion,co-written by Zbigniew
Karkowski and Yan Jun.

The Sound of the Underground
An Overview of Experimental and Non-Academic Music in China

The Chinese Cultural Revolution (1966-76) in one way or another eradicated most of the
existing culture in China. At the same time as intellectuals were sent to rural labor camps,
countless ancient buildings, antiques, books, paintings and various artifacts were just
destroyed. This period created an enormous intellectual, cultural and artistic vacuum in
China – destruction that in a sense, time is still healing.
So tradition of music culture and especially non-academic, purely experimental music,
started from ‘point blank’ scratch sometime in the 80ies. With the market economy
introduced in that decade and further media developments in the 90ies, there was a kind
of an explosion in youth culture that had been held back for decades. Movements and music
scenes that previously never reached China – like for instance psychedelic music, punk
or neo-dada started to appear and expanded at astonishing pace.
The birth of these alternative rock and punk music scenes that later developed into even
more experimental trends is a direct result of global capitalism and profound change in
China’s position within the World Order. It however did not develop the same way as it
usually does in the West – with one eye looking forward and the other one always glancing
at history. It started with ‘dakou’ and with piracy.

4 x CD

01. Li Chin Sung aka Dickson Dee (Hong Kong) / Somewhere (1994) / 10’33
02. Zenlu (Shenzhen) / Zen (2007) / 9’19
03. Bai Tian (Chengdu) / Wet (2007) / 4’05
04. Cheewei (Singapore) / Evening has arrived (2006) / 8’02
05. Lim Giang (Taipei) / “???” (2006) / 8’41
06. Ang Song Ming aka Circadian (Singapore) / Book radio mixer (2007) / 3’02
07. Chung-Han Yao (Taipei) / Untitled (2005) / 5’02
08. Goh Lee Kwang (Malaysia) / Frong spraying (2007) / 3’42
09. Wu Quan (Beijing) / Weather forest (2006) / 5’04
10. Me:Mo (Beijing) / pro.a (2007) / 4’30
11. Wang Jong-Kuen (Taipei) / Leaving (2006) / 5’40
12. Dajuin Yao (Zuoying) / Psycho Realm (2006) / 5’29

01. Sun Dawei (Beijing) / Crawing state (2007) / 4’14
02. Nara (Beijing) / Dream a little dream (2007) / 6’54
03. WFDD / Wang Fan + Dickson Dee (Beijing/Hong Kong) / Sin (2007) / 8’36
04. Stingrays (Singapore) / 061020 (2006) / 5’18
05. Dennis Wong aka Wong Chung-Fai (Hong Kong) / para_dot (2006) / 5’12
06. Fathmount aka Wilson Lee (Hong Kong) / A yoke of oxen (2007) / 4’56
07. PNF (Hong Kong) / Chi (1994) / 3’11
08. Li Wen Tai aka Vince Li (Hong Kong) / Eat (2007) / 4’57
09. Shenggy (Beijing) / Junggy ‘s decay (2007) / 3’05
10. Ronez aka Zhou Pei (Guilin) / Kikusui Back (2006) / 4’57
11. Zhou Ri Sheng (Shanxi) / Noise God (2006) / 7’22
12. Fish (Taipei) / Rusty Crane Keelong (2007) / 4’46

01.Torturing Nurse (Shanghai) / Fugitive (2006) / 14’46
02. Wang Fan (Beijing) / Zero (2006) / 6’28
03. Wuwei + Ulrich Morits (Shanghai/Berlin) / Toy Ships (2003) / 2’48
04. Xper. Xr. & The Orphic Orchestra (Hong Kong) Hickory Dickory Dock (1992) / 1’01
05. Hong Qile (Fuzhou) / j gmc (2007) / 8’00
06. Ying Fan (Taipei) / L2255 mix (2007) / 3’58
07. Dead J aka Shao Yanpeng (Beijing) / untitled (2007) / 3’49
08. Z.S.L.O (Taipei) / 422189 (1997) / 3’09
09. Jedung Kying / Edging + Junky (Guangzhou/Shanghai) Dabao (2007) / 3’01
10. Tats Lau (Hong Kong) / Face The Antagonish (1992) / 2’53
11. Li Jianhong (Hangzhou) / Sod (2007) / 5’32
12. Dino (Taipei) / untitled (2005) / 6’45

01. Wang Changcun (Harbin) Through the tide of faces (2007) / 4’59
02. D!O!D!O!D! / Li Jianhong + Huangjin (Hangzhou) A dark knife (2006) / 5’36
03. Yan Jun (Beijing) / Its more than enough (2006) / 5’35
04. Loga (Fuzhou) / 620 (2007) / 9’22
05. Pei aka Liu Pei-Wen (Taipei) / Bird lady (2007) / 7’43
06. Eric Lin aka Lin Chi-Wei (Taipei) / untitled (2007) / 3’10
07. Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (Taiwan) There she is, standing and walking on her own (2007) / 3’59
08. Ching Shen Ching (Taiwan) / V-zone (1997) / Fuji Wang + Anes: electronics / 7’25
09. Dancing Stone (Hong Kong) / Two (1995) / Nelson Hui: flute + Ling Lee: voice / 2’13
10. Illuminated 6.6.6. (Hong Kong) / Enjoy the silence (1992) / 6’06
11. Juno aka Timmy Lok (Hong Kong) / Possiblilities (1995) / 3’18
12. Simon Ho (Hong Kong) / 5 (2005) / 6’53

Antimatter / Zbigniew Karkowski – "Divide by Zero"


"Divide by Zero" (CD) |afro2040|

TOUCHING EXTREMES (IT) I shouldn’t say that, but in 2008 Zbigniew Karkowski will be 50. It makes me feel older by the minute, thinking that I’ve been listening to his experiments for more than 20 years now. Thank goodness the man from Krakow doesn’t hint to stopping its quest, just like the other characters who have been collaborating with him and respond to the names of John Duncan, Francisco Lopez, Hafler Trio, Merzbow. As you can see, we’re talking seriousness here, not some adolescent who received a laptop as a gift for graduating and decided that he wanted to be a part-time noise monger. Xopher Davidson (Antimatter) is another trustworthy guy, having mastered records by the likes of Iannis Xenakis and explored the role of sound in various contemporary artistic ambits. The couple is not new to this kind of release (check the Sirr catalogue for example), but the energy deriving by their masterful juxtapositions of buzzing hums and throbbing frequencies is truly impressive. "Divide by zero" channels its intensity over the course of 52 minutes, in which changes of scenario – or of a single shade of whirr – are rarefied enough to get us lost in the kingdom of granulated brains for long blissful moments. As it happens in Phill Niblock’s music, one’s content of sitting there and sense the world sliding to complete nonsense, conscious that everything springs from that mother vibration from which the elected ones will be reabsorbed. It won’t take long, you see. The others keep wondering what’s going to happen and why they feel oh-so-bad, uselessly joining a group of brainless zombies, seeking help from wasted doctors who behave exactly the same, everybody helplessly trying to get noticed by those who have no time for them. Divide by zero, return to zero. Yet there’s still talk about "self-development", despite most people not even being able to articulate their own language. Massimo Ricci


Zbigniew Karkowski,Torturing Nurse & Dickson Dee – Penetration





Label: PACrec , Troniks
Catalog#: PACrec131, TRO-263
Format: CD, Limited Edition
Country: US
Released: Apr 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Noise
Credits: Artwork By [Design] – R. Yau
Performer – Dickson Dee , Junky (2) , Miriam (10) , Misuzu , Youki
Performer, Edited By – Zbigniew Karkowski
Notes: Recorded in Shanghai, China, March 1 2006. Edition of 500.


1 Untitled (5:36)
2 Untitled (3:38)
3 Untitled (4:22)
4 Untitled (2:03)
5 Untitled (7:54)
6 Untitled (3:09)
7 Untitled (15:01)

ChoP + Pei new released

ChoP is the cooperation of ZenLu (China) and Grzegorz Bojanek (Poland),the project is the meeting of two different cultures, the culture of the Far East with the culture of the Middle Europe.
Their first album will be released soon,the art cover of the project will be done by the artist of the young generation: Cezary Stolecki ,and the mastering by Tomasz Pauszek.
Here you can find four 1-minute fragments of the compositions which will be included on the almost 50min album.
1.incurable tradition
2.prowl at midnight
3.transparent thoughts
4.why not?

常態構圖 / normality envision / pei’06
// 曲目 // 57:10
01. 鋤地
02. 常態構圖
03. 靜響
04. 夏晚霞 ept1
05. 夏眠 ept2
06. 夏眠 ept3
07. 夏趣
08. 陽明山草蟲鳴
09. 颱風
This is an album of soundscape, mostly recorded in the summer time of Taipei . What do we see ‘normality’ from a different scale? And how does it differ to a series of paranormal view from a same distance? What do we shared? There are two groups of pictures enhanced my questions as a habitant of Taipei and there has nothing fancy or chic within recording images. By isolating the actual recording locations to the represent pictures, I try to understand what had I been asking while head in cloud and feet on ground.

// tracklisting // 57:10

01. changing root
02. normality envision
03. tw ambience
04. summer sunset ept1
05. summer nite ept2
06. summer nite ept3
07. taifun low
08. yang ming shan/hidden grass bugs
09. typhoon

Zenlu – new mini album- (ding)

< 定>(ding)
1.A Limit
3.Coldness of The Summer
4.Distant Lands
5.Eyes From The Sun
Li Chin Sung+ZenLu recorded live 24th June 2006 at Sand Festival Hong Kong
recorded live 24th June 2006 at Sand Festival Hong Kong

Mastered by Dickson Dee@dicksonia studio
Designed by Altscape Creative www.altscape.cn
©ZenLu 2006

Torturing Nurse/Hookworm/Gruuthaagy/Coco and Fiend Friend 4 way split out!

这是由中国Torturing Nurse,美国Hookworm,克罗地亚Gruuthaagy,英国/意大利Coco and Fiend Friend的4 way split唱片,总共69’24”,采取特别的销售方式:不在任何一个厂牌发行,4组各自copy master母盘,在本国/国外销售,中国需要者联系:junkyyy@hotmail.com,零售20元人民币,made by order!
junky’s blog

new released noise stuff from China

1-Mutant Ape/Torturing Nurse-cdr

2-Blast Beat/Torturing Nurse-12″lp

3-Stimbox/Ronez/Lasse Marhaug “3-Way Split”-cdr

4-Lasse Marhaug “It’s Not The End Of The World”-cdr

5-Ronez “Grey Angels”-cdr

6-Hetleveiker “Jazz On Desk”-cdr

mail order:
1&2 contact with junkyyy@hotmail.com
3-6 contact with ronez@tom.com

monème: Press release

Cédric Maridet _habitus Audio CD / 30 min monème, 2006 cover art : sonogram made with Hypno [front cover]
photo Cédric Maridet / Sylvain Holtermann [back cover] _habitus is a studio recording based on an improvisional system created for a real-time performance in Hong Kong. Two microphones were set up to record the sounds from the patio of Habitus gallery, facing highways, tramways, Victoria Harbour and a nearby heliport. These sounds constitute the only sound source for this work, which is an exploration of variations in an improvisional setting. Throughout the composition, the real-time aspect of the performance remains as the sound is processed without interrupting the sound continuum. Distributed By White Noise Records [Hong Kong]