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International Master Class Series


Otomo Yoshihide

on Sound and Film Music

大友良英 談 音響與電影音樂

Wednesday, January 3, 20007 1月3日 (星期三)

2:30-5:30 p.m. TV Studio, F/TV

Screening of “Ten Years…and beyond” and Questions by Otomo F/TV 師生集體創作《十年 …and beyond》放映、大友問

Friday, January 5, 2007 1月5日 (星期五)

11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. TV Studio, F/TV

Chinese Films x Japanese Music, My Composing Experience 中國電影、日本音樂:大友良英的配樂體驗

2:30 – 4:30 pm TV Studio, F/TV

Sound and Music for “Ten Year…and beyond”: Possibilities & Explorations 給《十年 …and beyond 》配音作樂:即興與探索

Myspace Music Store start to sell music

from my myspace a/c

Hey MySpace artists,

Music has always been at the heart of the MySpace community. As an artist, you have a place to connect directly with music lovers and build a fan base. Now, through our partnership with SNOCAP, you can sell digital downloads right on your MySpace page. This is something we’ve wanted to bring to you for a long time, and now it’s here!

It’s really simple. Just click the “Create Your MySpace Music Store” link on your Home page to register with SNOCAP (or click here), upload your music, and set your price. Your store will be automatically created on your MySpace profile right underneath the MySpace player, and a new “Manage Music Store” link will appear on your home page which lets you edit your songs or change the price. Once you’ve created your store your fans will be able to purchase your tracks right off your profile and even post your store on their own profiles, and you’ll get paid on a monthly basis. Click The Format
to check it out.

You don’t need to wait to have a CD’s worth of music to sell. Record something tonight and make it available immediately. Or upload a few tracks from the soundboard recording of your last show. A MySpace/SNOCAP MyStore puts the power of distribution in your hands. And best of all, it doesn’t limit any of your choices. You can still stream up to 4 tracks for free from the MySpace player on your page. You keep all the rights to your music. And this isn’t exclusive – you can put a MySpace/SNOCAP MyStore on your MySpace page and paste the store anywhere else on the web you use for promotion; plus you can also sell through an aggregator or any other digital retailer you have access to.

You already use MySpace to market & promote – now you can sell your songs!


Top Five Issues Facing the Music Industry

from Music Matters Asia
The music industry is in a period of enormous flux. Digital sales grew by more than 100 per cent in the first six months of 2006, but physical sales are still falling and online growth is hampered by piracy. I could give you a list of issues we are taking on that is as long as my arm – but here are the current top five:

• The extension of broadcasting and performance rights in key markets. We are still not being paid by the people that use our product. In the United States, for example, music supports a radio industry that generates $20 billion a year in advertising revenues – but no broadcaster pays us royalties for the music that attracts the listeners advertisers want to reach.

• ISPs need to live up to their responsibilities. ISP contracts tell their customers they will be disconnected if they don’t pay their bill or infringe copyright. These firms too rarely enforce the second rule, despite the fact they use music as a major marketing tool for their services. If they do not take action against infringement voluntarily we will have to ask governments to make them enforce the law in cyberspace.

• The next generation needs to be educated about copyright. Many young people want to have careers in the creative sector, yet too often they are using P2P networks to access infringing material. Education programmes in schools are needed to explain they are killing the goose that lays the golden egg and that if record labels can’t sell music they will not survive to provide jobs and support new artists in the future.

• The campaign to equalise the term of copyright protection goes on. We are working hard to ensure that record labels and artists in countries like Japan receive the same 95-year protection that their American counterparts do and are treated on a more equal footing with composers. It takes a team to create a piece of art that will last forever and the whole team needs to be rewarded fairly.

• Beijing needs to take action to guarantee a fair and open market in China. The Chinese government knows the country would greatly benefit from a strong creative sector and is reforming the law to combat copyright infringement. It needs to do more to enforce its new laws and introduce additional reforms that will help legitimate music producers and retailers take on the piracy that is still rife in China.

(John Kennedy, Chairman, IFPI)


Andy Wong To Love U More Musical Dance Theatre

音樂總監 Music Director/特別嘉賓 Special Appearance
葉富生 Steven Ip
藝術總監 Artistic Director/編舞 Choreographer/演出Performer
王廷琳 Andy Wong
製作人Producer/編舞 Choreographer/演出Performer
呂以輝 Frankie Lui
嘉賓舞者 Guest Dancers
*蘇淑 Su Shu 黃嘉詠 Carol Wong
朱曉芳Priscila Chu
郭顯佳Clarence Kwok
盧幸賢Candy Lo
施卓然Kenneth Sze

* 承蒙香港舞蹈團允許演出Appears through the courtesy of Hong Kong Dance Company

藝穗會O2劇院Fringe Club O2 Theatre
20-23.12.2006 (三至六Wed –Sat) 8pm
23.12.2006(六Sat) 3pm
票價Ticket Price: $150;$120(藝穗會會員Fringe Club Member);$80(高齡、殘疾人士及全日制學生 Senior, Disabled and Student)
門票現已於快達票售票網公開發售。Tickets are now available at HK TICKETING
節目查詢Programme Enquiry:9370 2921
票務查詢及留座Ticketing and Reservation:31 288 288。
電郵 E-mail info@dancingandy.com.hk
網址 Website www. dancingandy.com.hk



《中国房地产报》记者 林播 北京报道

2006 年12月11日晚上,“大栅栏计划”的其中一部纪录片《煤市街》将在纽约现代美术馆(MoMA)首映,艺术家和策划人欧宁为新片的英文字幕奋战将近一星期,也将于4号启程去纽约,此计划最初的版本已经持续在鹿特丹荷兰建筑学院、德国媒体艺术中心ZKM、加拿大多伦多大学展出,在MoMA展出的纪录片是目前的最完整版本,这个片子大概85分钟。




评论家史建也在 20005年初曾经做了关于煤市街的考察拍摄。他说:“煤市街具有足够的复杂性和典型意义,关注煤市街,就是关注大栅栏的改造,就是关注北京的新一轮旧城改造模式,就是‘先睹’北京的未来。前门大街,北京的南中轴线,在可见的未来,有可能成为充满后现代虚拟氛围的步行街。”


欧宁的“大栅栏计划”整体工作的最后成果将于2008年前结束,包括两部纪录片,一本关于大栅栏的书,还有一个专项网站。欧宁表示:“其中一部纪录片是 2005-2008年的大栅栏地区的总体纪录,是非叙事性的纪录片,会诗歌式地表达大栅栏地区缓慢的生活节奏,反映改造过程中激烈的冲突。另一部就是专门关于煤市街的,这一部现在已经完成。”












from OuNing’s Blog


Three artists will be performing live at Cafe FLYING TEAPOT, a cozy cafe and beautiful event space as well, located in Ekoda, Tokyo, on Sunday, December 10. This event will be also the first meeting of the artists from three different countries.

As an artist, designer, and organiser, Yuen Chee Wai plays important roles in Singapore sound art / experimental music scene. He is a participating artist of Singapore Biennale 2006, in which he settled an installation work and also performed live in the opening night. This concert will be the underground leg for this artist who will also perform on the fifty-second floor in Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, and will be also his first opportunity to open his laptop in Tokyo onkyo scene.

“The King of Sampling” Carl Stone is one of the pioneers of live computer music, who keeps playing computer as solo and also with many other artists around the world since 1986(!) as well as having released many remarkable recordings. His latest performance in Tokyo entitled “ACID KARAOKE” with Min Xiao-Fen was full of groundbreaking humour. Another guise of this laptop virtuoso based in both Japan and USA is professor in Chukyo University.

Tokyo-born stunning drone-oriented bass guitar improviser Tamaru, who is also known as the leader of his band installing, is expanding his activities and getting much busier than before. In parallel with bass improvisation, he keeps producing electro-acoustic works since around 1990. Tamaru also passionately keeps organising events in Tokyo. Recent one of his “craziest” gigs was three duo performances by six notably unique bass players including Tamaru himself.

date: Sunday, December 10, 2006
open: 19:00 start: 19:30
B1F, Enomoto Bldg., 27-7, Sakae-cho, Nerima-ku, Tokyo