LNX_Studio – Verion 2.0 released


Imagine you had a DAW with lots of live tools and synths and effects – a bit like FL Studio or Ableton Live – and it was completely free. (Free as in beer, free as in freedom.) That’s already fairly cool. Now imagine that everything in that environment – every synth, every effect, every pattern maker – was built in SuperCollider, the powerful free coding language for electronic music. And imagine you could add your own stuff, just by coding, and it ran natively. That moves from fairly cool to insanely cool. And it’s what you get with LNX_Studio, a free environment that runs on any OS (Mac now, other builds coming), and that got a major upgrade recently. Let’s have a look.

LNX_Studio is a full-blown synth studio. You can do end-to-end production of entire tracks in it, if you choose. Included:

  • Virtual analog synths, effects, drum machines
  • Step sequencers, piano roll (with MIDI import), outboard gear control
  • Mix engine and architecture
  • Record audio output
  • Automation, presets, and programs (which with quick recall make this a nice idea starter or live setup
  • Chord library, full MIDI output and external equipment integration

download here:http://lnxstudio.sourceforge.net/