Soccer World Cup Sound-Art Project

Sport and music – in the past, this has meant raucous fan chanting and national players’ attempts to sing. As of now, New Music will also play an important role.

Mexican sound artist Manuel Rocha-Iturbide has invited eleven composers from ten non-European countries to translate their thoughts on sport and space into sounds.

Javier Alvarez (Mexico), Rajivan Ayyappan (India), Dickson Dee (China), Christian Galarreta (Peru), Erdem Helvacioglu (Turkey), Suk-Jun Kim (Korea), Mario Marcelo Mary (Argentina), Manuel Rocha Iturbide (Mexico), Atau Tanaka (Japan), Nicolas Vaurchavsky (Argentina) and Edson Zampronha (Brazil).

The result is AUDIO:ELF. Eleven audio plays in 5.1 Surround format, a technology that is currently taking living rooms by storm, put listeners in the very midst of things.

All pieces are commissioned works. After their world debut at the opening event, they can be listened to in the specially equipped Surround room at the Museum für Angewandte Kunst. Via a control panel, the compositions can be selected and information retrieved about the composers and their music.


Museum für Angewandte Kunst
An der Rechtschule
Preview: 14th June, 19 h
Opening times: 15th June – 9th July
Closed on Monady
11 – 17 h
Admission: 5/3 EUR

东拉西扯:MySpace泡沫 by Keso

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SAND Festival 24th June HK

Date & Time: June 24, 2006 4pm – 12am

Venue : Para/Site Art Space(

Venue Address: G/F, 4 Po Yan Street,Sheung Wan,Hong Kong

Venue Contact: by phone: (+852) 25174620

List of Artists:
Cedric Maridet (Hong Kong)
Dickson Dee (Hong Kong)
Fathmoun t (Hong Kong)
Liu Peiwen (Taiwan)

Nanahara Shuya(Hong Kong)
New Fairfield Parks and Recreation (Hong Kong)
Peter Scherr (Hong Kong)

Sylvain Holtermann (Hong Kong)
Ang Song Ming (Singapore)
Yeoh Yin Pin (Malaysia)
Zen Lu (Shenzhen,China)

Festival Serigraphic Arts

Seripop (Canada)

Videos and Projections

Nicolas Sauret

SAND Summer 2006 is the first music festival organized by the band New Fairfield Recreations and Parks and White Noise Records. The festival aims at presenting contemporary music such as drone, noise, sound art and free jazz by artists with different cultural backgrounds. By combining different acts on one night, we wish to present the diffusion of this art form across different geographical areas.



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睡觉的时候把Mattin给我的他和Junko(Hijokaidan女vocal)的合作cd当安眠曲,我实在太喜欢了,30分钟的录音里 Junko从头叫到底,有破碎的声音在里面;Mattin只用笔记本的回授做声音,气度不凡,我越来越喜欢Mattin这家伙了,朴素,邋蹋,看起来像工厂的车间主任!他给的另一张唱片还没听,但肯定是我喜欢的,昨天聊天的时候发现彼此喜欢的竟然十分相似,本来这次是要一起合作录音的,但我实在抽不出空, 约好回去后通过interner进行录音合作:)!!他和他的厂牌的网址是

Junko&Mattin – 评论和下载(ogg格式) via Junky’s blog

mattin_guionnet_denzler_unami china tour Shenzhen

mattin guionnet denzler unami


Mattin – computer
Jean-Luc Guionnet – saxophone
Bertrand Denzler – saxophone
Taku Unami – computer


One says:
“1 computer and 1 saxophone have nothing to do with each other.”
One also says:
“2 computers and 2 saxophones have no more to do together.”
Another one replies:
“Does one say that because computers and saxophones have nothing in common? Because they have nothing to share? Is that enough to infer such an extreme conclusion?”
And one adds:
“But a computer has nothing to do with another computer… And it’s the same with 2 saxophones. It’s not because they have the same name that… One can even say that 1 saxophone has more to do with 1 computer than with another saxophone.”
But then another one tries to conclude:
“No! As a matter of fact, it’s because things have endlessly nothing to do with each other that they have much to do together: they can never be in the very same place even if they hardly try to do so, that’s why it’s working more than well beetween them 4.”

And, after a while, a crowd of ones and others say:
But what do you mean when you say that they should have to do with each other?
What is this thing they would have to do?
What kind?
What colour?
What shape?
What lengh?
What is it?
What are you talking about?

This is possibly what our music is all about.


4 musicians, 2 computers, 2 saxophones. From the Basque Country, France, Switzerland, Japan. First meeting as a quartet on September 30, 2004, 9 pm, at Les Voûtes, in Paris, for 66 minutes. First CD -/:. on fargone records, USA. A very special music, UFO-like. A tense space where anything can happen. But doesn’t necessarely do so. So far they managed very well to brake with previous traditions such as the plinky plonk or reductionism. There is a lot of talk about electroacoustic improvisation. But these musicians do not follow trends, they are going their own way into the unknown…