ChoP + Pei new released

ChoP is the cooperation of ZenLu (China) and Grzegorz Bojanek (Poland),the project is the meeting of two different cultures, the culture of the Far East with the culture of the Middle Europe.
Their first album will be released soon,the art cover of the project will be done by the artist of the young generation: Cezary Stolecki ,and the mastering by Tomasz Pauszek.
Here you can find four 1-minute fragments of the compositions which will be included on the almost 50min album.
1.incurable tradition
2.prowl at midnight
3.transparent thoughts
4.why not?

常態構圖 / normality envision / pei’06
// 曲目 // 57:10
01. 鋤地
02. 常態構圖
03. 靜響
04. 夏晚霞 ept1
05. 夏眠 ept2
06. 夏眠 ept3
07. 夏趣
08. 陽明山草蟲鳴
09. 颱風
This is an album of soundscape, mostly recorded in the summer time of Taipei . What do we see ‘normality’ from a different scale? And how does it differ to a series of paranormal view from a same distance? What do we shared? There are two groups of pictures enhanced my questions as a habitant of Taipei and there has nothing fancy or chic within recording images. By isolating the actual recording locations to the represent pictures, I try to understand what had I been asking while head in cloud and feet on ground.

// tracklisting // 57:10

01. changing root
02. normality envision
03. tw ambience
04. summer sunset ept1
05. summer nite ept2
06. summer nite ept3
07. taifun low
08. yang ming shan/hidden grass bugs
09. typhoon