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Factory Discographie

Side 1
DURUTTI COLUMN – For Belgian Friends
DURUTTI COLUMN – Self-Portrait
Side 2
KEVIN HEWICK – A Little Feeling
KEVIN HEWICK – The Enchanted Kiss
Side 3
BLURT – Puppeteer
BLURT – Dyslexia
BLURT – Some Come
BLURT – Benighted
Side 4

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Bilting/Karkowski: Bad Bye Engine



Bilting/Karkowski: Bad Bye Engine

Bad Bye Engine was released on vinyl LP by Radium in Gothenburg 1988. It was created, mixed and produced at the computer music studio at the department of computer science at Chalmers University of Technology, by Ulf Bilting and Zbigniew Karkowski. They had met as a result of cooperation project between the College of Music and Chalmers.

The studio consisted of two Yamaha TX816 banks (equivalent to 16 DX7s), an AKAI S900 sampler, analog mixer and two TEAC tape recorders, 8- and 2-track. Very little midi sequencer software was available at the time, so a system of programs for generation, manipulation and playing midi data was created on the VAX-11 BSD Unix system at the department. Time-stamped midi data (an invented format preceding standard Midi Files) was transferred to a specially built processor with 8 midi interfaces that controlled the real-time playing, recording and synchronization of midi.

Many of the tracks use a technique of playing many, very short sounds on the TX816s to create musical shapes, e g the first sound heard in He Van He consists of about 800 attacks with a duration between 0.1 and 0.2 secs.

The idea of making short tracks was quite unique at a time when almost any electroacoustic music piece were streched out over an entire LP, or several.

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Myspace Music Store start to sell music

from my myspace a/c

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mac software download

o Jack OSX v0.74 – 6.4 MB – Freeware

Low-latency audio server.

o RaySpace v2.3 – 1.19 MB – Demo

Real-time impulse response designer. [VST]

o Ardour v0.99.3 – 13.9 MB – Freeware

Digital audio workstation – Record, edit and mix multitrack

o LUNA Free – 1.6 MB – Freeware

Alternative, ultra-light virtual music studio.

o Solo Performer Show Controller v3.3 – 23.9 MB – Demo

Show control system controls background audio, lyric
displays, MIDI, and lights.

o FabFilter Twin v1.11 – 3.5 MB – Demo

Versatile and powerful synthesizer. [VST/AU]

o Ping Pong Delay v2.0.6 – 73 KB – Donationware

Delay plug-in. [AU/VST]

o SFX Machine Pro v1.0 – 2.2 MB – Shareware

Modular audio multi-effects plug-in. [VST/AU]

o MjCompressor – 263 KB – Freeware

Single band compressor with a very transparent sound. [VST]

o KickMaker v1.0 – 3.2 MB – Demo

Synthesizer designed specifically to create good kick drum
sounds. [VST]

o Play Sound v1.6.4 – 1 MB – Freeware

Scriptable faceless background application to play sound files.

o SignalSuite v2.0.5 – 2.8 MB – Shareware

Real-time Audio Signal Generator.

o Cog v0.0.5 – 2.3 MB – Freeware

Multi-format audio player.

o CuePhase v1.0.3 – 2.3 MB – Shareware

DJ automation software.

"Mothers Against Noise vol.1" compilation free dowload

The “Mothers Against Noise vol.1” compilation is finally online and can be
freely downloaded, along with accompanying artwork, at
1. It-Clings – “Inflammatory for inflammatory’s sake” [MP3/OGG]
2. Acrylik – “Againstructur” [MP3/OGG]
3. Autopsy protocol – “Swallow all” [MP3/OGG]
4. Soiled – “Heavy_Dawn” [MP3/OGG]
5. No John – “Outside my head” [MP3/OGG]
6. Institution D.O.L. – M.ultiple_A.larmed_N.ymphs – “God is with us” [MP3/OGG]
7. Paul Devens – “The Mothers” [MP3/OGG]
8. Pei – “Goodnite02” [MP3/OGG]
9. Tzii – “Non” [MP3/OGG]
10. Analog suicide – “Untitled” [MP3/OGG]
11. Idiosyncrasia – “Deviathan” [MP3/OGG]
12. Nepa ios – “Le quotidien des Automates” [MP3/OGG]
13. Eivind Dahl – “Brief moments of sanity” [MP3/OGG]
14. Bizix – “Chill out muzik (POP mix)” [MP3/OGG]
15. Finaldoll – “Nisrine” [MP3/OGG]
16. Montagnn – “Kuhn’s lil teeny Popper klub” [MP3/OGG]
17. Half a moment – “Schants” [MP3/OGG]
18. Sunao Inami – “Cuttle” [MP3/OGG]
19. Rohypnoise & Planetaldol – “Paraphrenitude” [MP3/OGG]
(France) &
20. Error – “Oh come all ye faithful” [MP3/OGG]
21. Synapscape – “Natur” [MP3/OGG]
22. Crno klank – “Noizz” [MP3/OGG]
23. Sinmantyx – “Notyou” [MP3/OGG]