SAND Festival 24th June HK

Date & Time: June 24, 2006 4pm – 12am

Venue : Para/Site Art Space(

Venue Address: G/F, 4 Po Yan Street,Sheung Wan,Hong Kong

Venue Contact: by phone: (+852) 25174620

List of Artists:
Cedric Maridet (Hong Kong)
Dickson Dee (Hong Kong)
Fathmoun t (Hong Kong)
Liu Peiwen (Taiwan)

Nanahara Shuya(Hong Kong)
New Fairfield Parks and Recreation (Hong Kong)
Peter Scherr (Hong Kong)

Sylvain Holtermann (Hong Kong)
Ang Song Ming (Singapore)
Yeoh Yin Pin (Malaysia)
Zen Lu (Shenzhen,China)

Festival Serigraphic Arts

Seripop (Canada)

Videos and Projections

Nicolas Sauret

SAND Summer 2006 is the first music festival organized by the band New Fairfield Recreations and Parks and White Noise Records. The festival aims at presenting contemporary music such as drone, noise, sound art and free jazz by artists with different cultural backgrounds. By combining different acts on one night, we wish to present the diffusion of this art form across different geographical areas.