"Layer Code" by Sang Jijia in Guangdong Dance Festival 2013





Date/Time:2013.11.12 20:00

Venue:No.13 Theater

Duration:70 min (no intermission)


Ticket Price:¥350/200/120



Choreographer: SANG Ji-Jia
Composer: Dickson DEE (CASH Hong Kong)
Premiere Lighting and Stage: Godzilla TAN (Malaysia)
Lighting Design :LI Xin
Video Design: Adrian YEUNG (Hong Kong)
Costume Design:WANG Yan
Live Video Recording: GUO Qiao-Chu
Dancers:LI Yue、TANG Ting-Ting、LIU Yin-Tao、XIE Xin、XIE Yong-Chao、GONG Xing-Xing、ZI Wei、XU Yi-Ming、ZhaXiWangJia、Qian Kun、ADiYa、GUO Wei、GAO Yang、Hu Shen-Yuan

The virtual reality prevails nowadays, where people can override the past record and reset the process by one simple push of a button. What if the life is real? Could the accumulation of living experience be started all over again? The motion and emotion, while repeated, could be the same as those before the reboot?
In “Layer Code”, the choreographer imaginatively manipulates the stage’s time and space to allow the dancers and the audience to experience the movements in many layers of setting. It is an experiment itself to explore physically the relationship between the body and the dimensional elements, and to examine philosophically the possibility of human living through a same life again.

more details see here:http://www.gdfestival.cn/en/activity_detail.php?id=15