Asia-Europe Foundation-ASEF's music programme " I'mPULSE2007"

In 2007 I’mPULSE, ASEF’s music programme, will focus on dub music. In partnership with Clandestino Festival, I’mPULSE Clandestino will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden in June 2007, and is calling for participants until the 20th February 2007. The 4th edition of the ASEF flagship music program I’mPULSE, it will bring together up to 20 young artists from Asia and Europe to take part in workshops and seminars on dub music.

I’mPULSE 2007 will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden, on 2-10 June and will have two phases. In the first phase (due to start in May 2007) participants will be getting to know each others productions and skills through a virtual communication platform made up for the program where they will be able to share audio files and documents. During the second phase, the participants will come together for a series of workshops, rehearsals and finally be given opportunities to perform at the 5th Clandestino Festival 7-10 June.

Participants in the I’mPulse 2007 can be either:

  • young composers/producers of dub music in some of its forms,
  • young vocalists including classical singers, poets, MCs and toaster
  • young musicians playing percussion, drums, horns, bass, instruments that are not traditionally used in the genre, etc.

The participants must have professional experience of music production within the dub scene in a broad sense, covering everything from traditional forms of dub to contemporary interpretations such as dub step, experimental and progressive dub.

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