Noise Asia catalog

dsm 0.1 Djdee – sunday
dsm 0.2 Li Chin Sung – San Yuan li / O.S.T

SFCD001 Xper Xr. & The Orphic Orchestra -Voluptuous Musick
SFCD002 Various Artists -What’s Sound? Vol. 1 “Ma-Li-Ma-Li-Hung” *
SFCD003 Otomo Yoshihide -We Insist
SFCD004 Tenko – Dragon Blue *
SFCD005 Various Artists -Hyperium Asia Compilation “Change” #
SFCD006 Dancing Stone -Normal Free
SFCD007 Various Artists -What’s Sound? Vol. 2 “Om Mani Padme Hum”
SFCD008 I.666 -Crème of First Coming
SFCD008ltd I.666 -Crème of First Coming [metal box ltd 100 set]
SFCD013 Gerogerigegege -Mort Douce Live *
SFCD014 Nelson Hiu -Music For Roaches, Birds, and Other Creatures
SFCD015 Peril – Multiverse
SFCD017 John Greaves -Songs

NAIM01CD Otomo Yoshihide -The Vinyl Tranquilizer
NAIM02CD Jon Rose & Miya Masaoka -Sliding
NAIM03CD Alesini & Andreoni -Marco Polo Vol.2
NAIM04CD Trembling Blue Stars -Lips That Taste Of Tears
NAIM06CD Pascal Comelade – Musiques De Genre [best of]
NAIM07CD Otomo Yoshihide – Music For Dance Art Hong Kong’s “Memory Disorder”
NAIM08CD Coldcut -Let Us Replay [with CDRom]
NAIM09CD Zbigniew Karkowski & Masami Akita -Mazk
NAIM12CD Yoshida Tatsuya & Haino Keiji -Until Water Grasps Flame *
NAIM13CD Ruins -Live In Guangzhou
NAIM15CD Sachiko M -Derive
NAIM16CD Zbigniew Karkowski & Franciso Lopez -Turnoff
NAIM30CD Zbigniew Karkowski + Li Chin Sung -Revenge of the Yin and Yang

NAKIT01/02CD Various Artists – Free Touching – Live in Beijing at Keep in Touch

S&T01CD 大友良英Otomo Yoshihide -籃風箏 The Blue Kite *
STK001 劉以達Tats Lau -秋月 Autumn Moon *
STK002 劉以達/韋啟良Tats Lau & Tommy Wai -醉生夢死之灣仔之虎 The Tragic Fantasy Tiger of WanChai *
STK003 大友良英Otomo Yoshihide -女人四十Summer Snow *
STK004 寒山Hanshan -蓮花 – 元素Lotus – Elements
STK005 大友良英Otomo Yoshihide -虎度門 Fu-Du-Man*
LWW01 鍾志榮Chung Chi Win -我和春天有個約會I Have A Date With Spring
NAST01CD 電影原聲大碟O.S.T. -香港製造 Made In Hong Kong*
粵語原創音樂劇O.S.T -只因你動聽

Cantonese Opera
YUE 001 尹飛燕,姚志強,黃畢玉英 -寶黛盟心

HK Independent Artist
INDE01 AMK – Love Ep *
INDE02 Third Party -The Escapist (MC only)
INDE03 AMK -EP Boxset *
INDE04 Multiplex -六月雪 Snow In June
INDE05 AMK – Unauthorized Copy *
INDE06 AMK -請讓我回家 Please Let Me Go Home *
INDE08 AMK -勁歌金曲大雀局 Hit Song Annual Mahjong
INDE09 Juno -Ver 2.0 *
INDE11 John Lee -The Piano Story
INDE12 Lorn – Lorn
INDESP01 V.A. -What’s Pop *

CSCD001 周啟良Stephen Chau – Duet
MSCD001 Azylum -Are We Born To Suffer *
SFPCD1 Midnight Flight -Midnight Flight
SFSCD001 David Tong -Man On An Island
Ruby -97 情懷

NAHK01CD Reddicts -Debut Album #
NAHK02CD Cain -一葉知秋
NAHK03CD 陳繼華Czecky Chan -誰是我媽媽Who Is My Mother

China Independent Artist
NANC02CD 盤古 -慾火中燒
NANC04CD No -走失的主人Missing Master
NANC05CD 底里Dili -我快樂死了I’m Too Happy

PRCD01 王磊Wang Lei -出門人Traveller *
PRCD02 王磊Wang Lei -夜Night *

ZR0001 Infradig -5 Red Songs
Paul Meredith -Spiritual Springtime *
RMCD0001 Elephant for Breakfast -Fear Of Daleks
ZR0002 Jamie Murcell -7th Wave
Z001 Various Artists -Noise / Zuni *
SPECIAL 9101 Various Artists -Blackmoon – The Other Side of China

CCCD001 吳汝俊 – 弦歌交嚮 -三國志

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