New Vision Festival

Eclectic Tales from Mongolia

29th, 30th Oct

3rd Nov

a new eclectic music project with traditional, jazz and avantgarde musicans from Mongolia, China, Korea, Argentina, Germany, Sweden

commissioned by the Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department,Premiere at the Hong Kong New Vision Festival 2006

1.Li Chin Sung—————concept,composition,electronics,laptop,turntables
2.Park Je Chun————–drums and percussions
3.Valentin Garvie———–trumpet
4.Jonas Hellborg————bass, arrangement
5.Josef Novotny————keyboard
6.Ganbaatar Khongorzul —–long song
7. Damdin Gantulga ——–khoomii, bishguur
8.Nerguyi Naranbadrakh—khoomii ,morin khuur,tsuur
9. Kikhlai Burgedbaatar –———-morin khuur