Institute of Sound-Awakening Battersea

Awakening Battersea
A Sound Project by IOS(Institute of Sound)

Battersea Power Station

Curator: Ou Ning
Producers: Yan Jun, Lawrence Li Ruyi

Track List

01 718: Better Sea 6:07
02 Bai+ian: Silence 8:28
03 Chen Wei: Unnamed Theatre 10:00
04 Feng Jiangzhou: Intimate Space 2:00
05 Hitlike: Walking 3:08
06 Huanqing: Pemo Ritual of Yi Ethnic People 46:28
07 Jin Shan: Uncertain Memory 2:37
08 Li Chin-sung: Lcszk 28:18
09 Li Jianhong: EVP 13:34
10 Dead J: China Fuzz (Ping-pong remix) 5:25
11 Ronez: i.Mao Damned GCR ii.Coming Dead Song iii.High Into Sky Out of Sky iv.Light will Fade Out 4:00
12 Me:Mo: Pro.A 4:28
13 Torturing Nurse: Repeating Machine 6:40
14 Wang Changcun: Dream Reflection 32:17
15 Wang Fan: Above the Sun 8:16
16 Wu Quan: Two Persons Totally a Time in Afternoon 11:32
17 Xu Cheng: English Corner 9:57
18 Yan Jun: Evoking Sanlitun 8:19
19 Zafka: When Hong Kong Harbours London 12:11
20 Zhong Minjie & Lin Zhiying: We bring a lion and a tiger to Battersea, put them at both sides of the entrance, please treat them well, every one of you, every single moment, every second, past, now, and forever….. 15:21

Commissioned by:

China Power Station Part 1
A major exhibition of Chinese contemporary art, architecture and sound
At Battersea Power Station, London
Presented by Serpentine Gallery
8 October-5 November, 2006