BIG SOUND Music Industry Conference

BIG SOUND Music Industry Conference: October 18-20, 2006
Music industry icon Seymour Stein will be just one of the music industry heavyweights heading to Brisbane this October for the 2006 Big Sound Music Industry Conference.

To be staged around Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley from October 18-20, BIG SOUND is an initiative of Q Music and will be one the most important events of its type held in the country this year.

Now in its fifth year, BIG SOUND has mirrored Queensland’s growth as a music hotspot and will feature three days of seminars, workshops, discussions and meetings aimed at both emerging artists and industry workers, and those looking to take their music to the world.

Institute of Sound-Awakening Battersea

Awakening Battersea
A Sound Project by IOS(Institute of Sound)

Battersea Power Station

Curator: Ou Ning
Producers: Yan Jun, Lawrence Li Ruyi

Track List

01 718: Better Sea 6:07
02 Bai+ian: Silence 8:28
03 Chen Wei: Unnamed Theatre 10:00
04 Feng Jiangzhou: Intimate Space 2:00
05 Hitlike: Walking 3:08
06 Huanqing: Pemo Ritual of Yi Ethnic People 46:28
07 Jin Shan: Uncertain Memory 2:37
08 Li Chin-sung: Lcszk 28:18
09 Li Jianhong: EVP 13:34
10 Dead J: China Fuzz (Ping-pong remix) 5:25
11 Ronez: i.Mao Damned GCR ii.Coming Dead Song iii.High Into Sky Out of Sky iv.Light will Fade Out 4:00
12 Me:Mo: Pro.A 4:28
13 Torturing Nurse: Repeating Machine 6:40
14 Wang Changcun: Dream Reflection 32:17
15 Wang Fan: Above the Sun 8:16
16 Wu Quan: Two Persons Totally a Time in Afternoon 11:32
17 Xu Cheng: English Corner 9:57
18 Yan Jun: Evoking Sanlitun 8:19
19 Zafka: When Hong Kong Harbours London 12:11
20 Zhong Minjie & Lin Zhiying: We bring a lion and a tiger to Battersea, put them at both sides of the entrance, please treat them well, every one of you, every single moment, every second, past, now, and forever….. 15:21

Commissioned by:

China Power Station Part 1
A major exhibition of Chinese contemporary art, architecture and sound
At Battersea Power Station, London
Presented by Serpentine Gallery
8 October-5 November, 2006