olaf hochherz+dickson dee live in Dawnag Culture Highland/Shenzhen

4thdec DW
4th December
Time: 8:00pm
Free Ticket
Venue: Dawang Culture Highland 深圳大望文化高地
contact: info@dawangculture.com

地点:深圳大望文化高地现代艺术中心 AB馆


Olaf Hochherz 奥拉夫·哈尔兹


olaf hochherz is born 1981 in wuppertal/germany he is a composer and improviser. he started as an autodidact in electroacusic music. During his youth he was experimenting with synthesizers and computers as a sound source, his first attempts to experimental music where improvisations with a laptop. his studies where to a certain degree related to his music. he studied at folkang-hochschule essen electronic composition, at humbold-university berlin philosophy and computer-science, at bauhaus-university weimar, mediengestaltung. currently he is in shanghai,china supported by the daad (german academic exchange service). the studies in essen and weimar made some compositions of electro acoustic music possible, some of them are published on cd: pets 2006 on naivsuper and ornithology 2009 on themepark.

parallel to his studies which lead him more to composition and works for films, he investigated the possibilities to improvise. he started to improvise in 2000 trying to use his computer, during this time he was not really satisfied with the way of controlling a computer. In 2006 inspired by works of lee kwang goh and robin minard he found a way to use an electronic setup as an instrument. a combination of piecoelectric contact microphones and speakers. the instrument is based on the feedback between the microphones and the speakers. this instrument caught his interest because he don’t need to formalize the controlling parameters. it is a unstable system which allows him to play in an indirect way. the goal is not to control a technical aperture but to create an associative field. he cooperated with musicians like christoph irmer, lee kwang goh, tim blechmann, mattin, ignaz schick, marcel tuerkowski, bernd haepfner, shingo inao and seiji morimoto. he played concerts mostly in berlin, he has visit vienna, seoul, leipzig. His compositions where played in berlin, essen, karlsruhe, koeln and weimar. the collaboration with lee kwang goh which had a major influence on his improvisation is documented on a cdr released on the label: herbal international live action. the cd tropoi developed under the influence of the improvisation its sounds are improvised but the transformed afterwards. his last composition (“hoffnungstraeger”) lead him to questions of form in electroacustic concert music.

currently he work again on a computer based instrument. the interface of a computer lead him to questions of categorization of sounds or more general to the question of thinking sounds as continuous stream or as distinct elements (in a set of possibilities).


Dickson Dee (李劲松)

李劲松是世界实验音乐圈最活跃的香港名字,他身兼制作人、作曲家、声音艺术家、厂牌创始人、组织者、策划人,以不同名字以及成型的多支乐队演出:”DJ Dee”用于电子实验音乐,”Li Chin Sung李劲松”用于具象音乐和前卫,”PNF”用于工业噪音,”Li Chin Sung & Khoomii Sound Machine呼麦声音机器”用于电子世界爵士,”Dickson Dee”用于电子
原音和采样拼贴。1996年,李劲松的首张个人专辑”PAST”由美国Tzadik厂牌发行。10多年来,李劲松出现在中国和世界各地,通过唱片出版和 实验音乐创作,参与了众多重要的音乐