NOTCH Festival in HK

NOTCH Festival 主旨是將北歐聲音與影像文化,與中國藝術圈子融合,他們前衛與未來派的獨特表演方式,為觀眾帶來全新體驗。
  今年NOTCH08主題是”Comma Coma”,是沒有停頓的Coma,於過去的一年,我們經歷過疫症、經濟、物價等問題,應該如何面對?很多人都沒有答案,而NOTCH08正是借助北歐與本地音樂人與藝術家,提供一個展望未來的視野。
  NOTCH08 帶來了6個北歐與香港單位,各自從哲學體系中表現出獨特個性。音樂上橫跨Free Jazz、Improvisation、Electro-acoustic、Avant Garde、Psychedelic Folk、Indie-Pop 等不同風格,再配以視覺表演輔助,當中參與單位全部是從北歐與香港圈中嚴選出來,形成匯合多元化文化藝術的經歷。
  NOTCH Festivalfuses cutting edge Nordic audiovisual culture with China’s emerginglocal scene, pushing the audience to rethink their contemporary andfuture role via the theme of “contemporizing the future” and thepractice of “de-futurization”.
  Following the successful debut andfollow-up efforts in 2006 and 2007 in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou,NOTCH08 will return to the 3 cities during the 1st week of October in2008. In addition, Hong Kong will join as the 4th city to participatein NOTCH08.
  The theme for this year’s NOTCH08 is “Comma Coma”, thatis “non-stop coma,” the overwhelming state we are facing in a year ofnatural disasters, stock market crisis and price increases of oil andfood. How will we cope with it? Many people have no idea. NOTCH08 aimsto present a vision toward the future via participating Nordic andlocal artists’ artistic expression that we should start reducing, notconsuming more resources to lessen our burden on the fragile earth. Italso reflects NOTCH’s cultural meaning: notch , or grooveas primitivehuman’s method of recording. Every single notch has its own uniquesocial value.
  NOTCH08 selects 6 Nordic and Hong Kong artists withdiverse identities as “evangelists” of NOTCH and Hong Kong philosophy.The music spans across genres of Free Jazz, Improvisation,Electro-acoustic, Psychedelic Folk, Sound Art, Avant Garde Rock, IndiePop, along with accompanying visual performances. The artists’identities include composer, player, sound artist, sound engineer, DJ,producer, label master, curator, graphic designer, new media artist,photographer, illustrator, VJ, space designer, poet, writer and filmdirector. Artists are chosen from the current Nordic and local culturalscene , stimulating a meeting of multi-cultural experiences.
  Date: Wednesday, October 1, 2008 (National Day)
  Time: 14:00 £ 21:00 (Nordic visual arts exhibition / video and film screening)
   17:00 £ 23:00 (music concert)
  Location: HITEC Auditorium (3/F., 1 Trademart Drive, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong)
  Ticket Price: HK$320 (Advance) / HK$380 (At Door)
  (Advance tickets available at the outlets below from Tuesday 16-Sep)
  Ticket Outlet:
  1) White Noise Records
  Address: 1/F, 4 Canal Road East, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
  Tel: 25910499
  2) Kubrick-bc
  Address: Shop H2, Prosperous Garden, 3 Public Square St., Yaumatei, Kowloon
  Tel: 23848929
  Total Information, Ticketing Reservations or programme Enquiries:
  White Noise Records
  Tel : +852 25910499
  Email :
  Program Highlights:*Six different music genres of group and Artist, over 20 renownedmusicians from Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Hong Kong to spanningmultiple genres present “de-genre” live performances.
  * 3 representative Nordic labels: Häpna (SE), Fonal (FI) and Rumraket (DK)
  * Nordic visual art exhibition, video/short film screening to displays the visual culture behind Nordic’s music movement
  :: NOTCH08(Concert) Line-up ::
  Nordic artist:
  Tape (Sweden) –Seamless blending of acoustic and electronics, mind purifying.
  Myspace :
  Webpage :
  Efterklang (Denmark) –Fairytale epic, reverb from Copenhagen.
  Myspace :
  Webpage :
  KemiallisetYstävät (Finland) –Psychedelic Folk, leading group from Fonal label.
  Myspace :
  Webpage :
  Hong Kong artist:
  KungChi Shing 龔志成 with guests musicians –Renowned Hong Kong contemporary composer and performer.
  Webpage :
  Peter Scherr (American/HK) with Dickson Dee £ professional bassist/composer and focus on allcreative music concepts with different musicians.
  Webpage :
  Dickson Dee’s myspace:
  Dickson Dee’spages:
  John Lee 李耀誠 –self-taught percussionist from Hong Kong, one of the top and unique “framedrum / throat singing” performer. His preview solo performance was indeedthe most memorable all the times.
  Webpage :